Wildlife ID: Sheep & Goats
Wildlife ID: Sheep & Goats

Wildlife ID: Sheep & Goats

Price: $49.00
Item Number: CEVD0703
Topics Include:
Natural Habitats of Wild Sheep & Goats
Wild Sheep & Goat Characteristics
Wild Sheep & Goat Reproductive Habits
Wild Sheep & Goat Population Management
and Many More!
On-site footage of wild sheep and goats is presented on this videotape. Professional narration outlining natural habitat, size, distinguishing characteristics and reproductive habits accompanies live-action footage of animals in their natural environment. Animals shown: Nubian Ibex, Y. O. Hybrid Ibex, West Caucasian Tur (Kuban), Wild Goat (Persian Ibex or Bezoar), Markhor, Aoudad (Barbary), Mouflon, Four-Horned sheep (Jacob's) and popular hybrid crosses (Alborz Red, Corsican and White Texas Dall). A supplement is included.

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