The Circulatory & Respiratory Systems
The Circulatory & Respiratory Systems

The Circulatory & Respiratory Systems

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Topics Include:
Anatomy & Physiology
Structures & Functions
Comparative Anatomy
and Many More!
Visualize the circulatory and respiratory systems with a three-dimensional tour of special effects and specimen dissections. Explore and understand as the systems' structures and functions- such as the nasal cavities, epiglottis, uvula, trachea, bronchi, lung lobes, gas exchange, respiratory functions, respiration, diaphragm, atria, ventricles, veins, arteries, pulmonary structures, cusps, muscular comparisons, sulci, coronary structures, heart attacks and more- are presented. TTUHSC Medical School instructor, Dr. Benny C. Shaw, Jr., human anatomy specialist, discusses structures and functions of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Veterinarian Dr. Kerry Blanton helps to illustrate similarities and differences between humans and other animals, including cats, dogs and pigs. Three five-question quizzes and a final ten-question quiz are included to help assess students' understanding. A supplement is included.

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