Swine Breeds ID
Swine Breeds ID

Swine Breeds ID

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Item Number: CEVD0221
Topics Include:
Breeds of Swine
History of Swine Breeds
Origins of Swine Breeds
Traits of Swine Breeds
and Many More!
Swine Breeds is a visually-packed presentation detailing 16 breeds of swine: Berkshire, Hampshire, Poland China, Spotted Poland China, Duroc, Chester White, Yorkshire, Landrace, Hereford, Pietrain, Red Waddle, Mulefoot, Yucatan, Ossabaw Island, Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot. Learn the history, traits and origin of the breeds, plus terminology, such as barrow, carcass merit, growth rate and insular dwarfism, your students will need to know. A supplement is included. Collaborators: Mason Bros.; Danny Preston, National Hog Farms; Curtis Preston; John Bender.

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