String Trimmer
String Trimmer

String Trimmer

Price: $65.00
Item Number: VEPD0815
Topics Include:
Maintenance of a String Trimmer
Safety of a String Trimmer
Operation of a String Trimmer
How to Correctly Use a String Trimmer
and Many More!
The nylon string trimmer can dramatically reduce the time needed for difficult mowing jobs. The video shows how to get the best results from a string trimmer through proper maintenance, safety attention and operation finesse. You will be shown the proper equipment to wear and how to do a pre-operational safety check. Then, you will see how to start, operate, cool down and refuel the trimmer. Routine maintenance tasks shown include cleaning the equipment, cleaning the air cooling system, tightening bolts and screws, lubricating the drive line, cleaning the air filter, checking the spark plug, cleaning the fuel strainer and replacing the string. A supplement is included.