Small Gas Engines: Disassembly
Small Gas Engines: Disassembly

Small Gas Engines: Disassembly

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Topics Include:
4-Stroke Cycle Engine
Spark Tester
and Many More!
Proper techniques and safety practices for the disassembly of a 5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Model 124702 engine are provided.
à Removal of the fuel tank, air filter, carburetor, linkage muffler, blower housing, mechanical governor and spark plugs
à Explanation of how a 4-stroke cycle engine operates
à Demonstration of how to check valve-to-tappet clearance, flywheel inspection and proper engine compression
à Assessment of the armature air gap settings, the removal of the cylinder head, crankcase breather, valves and springs, flywheel and armature
à Demonstration of the proper procedures for checking the crankshaft end play, removal of the sum, oil slinger, camshaft, tappets, and piston
à Removal of connecting rods from the piston and ring removal
Collaborator: David Lawver, Ph.D., Texas Tech University.

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