Small Gas Engines: Carburetor
Small Gas Engines: Carburetor

Small Gas Engines: Carburetor

Price: $78.00
Item Number: CEV80886
Topics Include:
Vacu-Jet Carburetor
Flo-Jet Carburetor
Pulsa-Jet Carburetor
High Speed Needle Valve
and Many More!
This DVD features expert Dr. David Lawver, professor of agricultural education and communications at Texas Tech University, and his knowledge of part identification, disassemble, cleaning, repairing and reassembling of Vacu-Jet, Flo-Jet, Pulsa-Jet and vertical Pulsa-jet carburetors. The following proper procedures are discussed.
à Removing, adjusting and assembling of the needle valve
à Cleaning the nozzle, checking the venture, adjusting the float and the re-assemblies of all the components of the carburetor
à Removing and replacing of the diaphragm and throttle shaft
à Checking the fuel tank for warping
Collaborator: David Lawver, Ph.D., Texas Tech University.

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