Practice Landscape Plant ID
Practice Landscape Plant ID

Practice Landscape Plant ID

Price: $49.00
Item Number: CEVD0578
Topics Include:
Identification of Landscape Plants
Identification of Ground Covers
Identification of Shrubs
Identification of Trees
and Many More!
Thirty-nine different specimens of ground covers, shrubs and trees are presented in four identification classes for skill improvement. Viewers will see a wide shot of each specimen and a close-up view of any distinguishing characteristics displayed, such as leaves, flowers, fruit, bark and seed pods. Ground covers and shrubs include glossy abelia, bugelweed, Brazil bougainvillea, common boxwood, winged Euronymus, English ivy, Chinese holly, Japanese holly, yaupon, dwarf phitzer juniper, creeping juniper, Japanese privet, Hall's Japanese honeysuckle, heavenly bamboo, common oleander, green pittosporum, firethorn, Indian hawthorne, Asian jasmine, and Chinese wisteria. Trees shown include river birch, pecan, redbud, flowering dogwood, Russian olive, green ash, thornless honeylocust, althea, crape myrtle, sweet gum, Gullbay (Southern) magnolia, Japanese black pine, American plane tree (sycamore), mesquite, Bradford pear, red oak, live oak, bald cypress and American elm. An identification key is provided after each class.

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