Practice Horticulture Plant ID
Practice Horticulture Plant ID

Practice Horticulture Plant ID

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Item Number: CEVD0579
Topics Include:
Common & Scientific Names
Foliage Plants
Floral Plants
and Many More!
Students will improve their floral and foliage identification skills with this challenging presentation which includes 40 specimens of horticulture plants within four classes. A close-up view of each plant's leaves, flowers and stem is presented. After each class, an identification key gives each specimen's common and scientific name. Floral plants in the practice tape include: snapdragon, wax begonia, common camellia, florists' chrysanthemum, carnation, gardenia, transvaal (Gerber) daisy, gladiolus, Easter lily, phalaenopsis orchid, common garden geranium, azalea, hybrid tea rose, kalanchoe, African violet, leatherleaf fern, gloxinia, and calla lily. Foliage plants in the practice tape include: aglaonema, sprengeri fern, asparagus lace fern, parlor palm, spider plant, grape ivy, croton, coleus, jade plant, spotted dumbcane, corn plant dracaena, red edge dracaena, Devil's ivy, Benjamin fig, rubber plant, cutleaf philodendron, Swedish ivy, sanseveria, English ivy, heartleaf philodendron, Boston fern, and wandering Jew.

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