Practice Beef Carcass Grading
Practice Beef Carcass Grading

Practice Beef Carcass Grading

Price: $150.00
Item Number: CEV80001
Topics Include:
Quality Grading
Marbling Scores
Yield Grading
and Many More!
The 25 beef carcasses shown in this presentation provide students with the opportunity to improve their quality grading and yield grading skills. A wide range of carcasses are provided, with yield grades from 1.3 to 4.8, marbling scores from traces to moderately abundant and maturity scores from A to D. Marbling and thoracic buttons are shown in high clarity, along with the sacral and lumbar vertebrae. Students are challenged to compare their evaluations against coaches of national champion collegiate meat judging teams and improve their ability to correctly quality grade and yield grade beef carcasses.

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