Power Shears - Spanish
Power Shears - Spanish

Power Shears - Spanish

Price: $65.00
Item Number: VEPD0820
Topics Include:
Equipment & Safety Protocols
Operate the Shears
Fill the Tank
Cleaning Equipment After Use
and Many More!
Whether you prefer the traditional power-cord model or the cordless gas-powered model, both types of power shears, also called hedge trimmers, need the maintenance, safety procedures and operation instructions discussed in the program. Specialized safety equipment to wear is addressed. Then, you will see how to fill the tank, do a pre-operational check, start the shears and operate the shears safely and efficiently. Routine maintenance tasks demonstrated include cleaning the housing and air filter, checking the spark plug, cleaning the fuel strainer and filter, greasing the gear case, cleaning the clutch shoes and replacing the blades.

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