Oral Reasons for Horse Judging
Oral Reasons for Horse Judging

Oral Reasons for Horse Judging

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Item Number: CEVD0101
Topics Include:
Oral Reasons on Judging Horses
Accuracy of Oral Reasons
Presentation of Oral Reasons
Relevance of Oral Reasons
and Many More!
Oral reasons must be given in two minutes or less, so do not overlook this very important aspect of judging. This presentation provides an in-depth discussion of judging oral reasons as set forth by the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association: relevancy, accuracy (these two account for 75 percent of the score), terminology, presentation and organization. Tips on what to include under each section are given. Nine sets of oral reasons for various horse classes are critiqued and scored by an expert who has coached several collegiate horse judging national championship teams. Recommended for training FFA, 4-H and collegiate horse judging teams. A supplement is included.

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