Livestock Judging: Market Steer Evaluation
Livestock Judging: Market Steer Evaluation

Livestock Judging: Market Steer Evaluation

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Topics Include:
Judging Market Steers
Evaluating Finish of Market Steers
Evaluation of Correctness of Weight of Market Steers
Evaluating Muscling of Market Steers
and Many More!
In the exceptionally fine teaching aid, important evaluative criteria for market steers are demonstrated. Muscling: illustrated using steers and special effects. Correctness of Finish: contrasts two steers while discussing the 12th rib, brisket, flank, cod, pin area and bone area. Balance: at rest and in motion, structural correctness demonstrated using steers with various defects-sickle hocked, straight shouldered, toed-out, straightness of knee, post legged, restricted stride, steep/short pastern, stiff in hock, knock kneed, splay footed, bow legged, small outside toe, cow hocked and coarse open shoulder. Correctness of Weight: covers substance, acceptability for the industry, ideal weight and dressing percent. A practice class of market steers is placed by a national champion collegiate livestock judging team member (includes an outstanding set of oral reasons); then, official placings, cuts and reasons are presented. Periodic quizzes help students remember the information. A supplement is included.

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