Livestock Grading Contest I
Livestock Grading Contest I

Livestock Grading Contest I

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Item Number: CEVD0390
Topics Include:
Livestock Grading
Grading Feeder Cattle
Quality & Yield Grading of Slighter Cattle
Determining Backfat Thickness & Muscle Scores of Market Swine
and Many More!
The 1996 contest presents a total of 30 slaughter cattle, feeder cattle and market swine varying widely in weight, fatness and muscling, shown in-motion and at-rest. Fred Williams (USDA) estimates quality grade and yield grade for the 10 slaughter steers and heifers; frame size and muscle thickness for the 10 feeder cattle; and average backfat thickness, muscle score and U. S. Grade for the 10 market swine.

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