Legume & Woody Plant ID
Legume & Woody Plant ID

Legume & Woody Plant ID

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Item Number: CEVD0563
Topics Include:
Woody Plant Identification
Latin Names of Legumes & Woody Plants
Environmental Effects on Legumes & Woody Plants
Common Names of Legumes & Woody Plants
and Many More!
Identification of range plants is important to ranchers, farmers and field technicians. In the program, viewers are provided with close-up views of six legumes (catclaw sensitivebrier, Illinois bundleflower, prairieclover, scurfpea, showy partridgepea, and white clover) and eight woody plants (blackjack oak, mesquite, plum, postoak, pricklypear cactus, skunkbush, sumac, and yucca). For each plant, viewers learn the length of life (perennial or annual), season of growth, origin, grazing value and reaction to abuse, as well as correct spellings and pronunciations of common and Latin names. A supplement is included.

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