Landscape Power Tools
Landscape Power Tools

Landscape Power Tools

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Topics Include:
Common Power Tools
and Many More!
Subject matter includes: safety, pre-start checks, starting, operating, refueling and routine maintenance for five common landscaping power tools (power shears, rotary mower, rotary edger/trimmer, string trimmer and power blower). It can be viewed via a DVD-ROM drive on a computer or on a DVD player and a TV. Additional materials include printable supplements for all subjects covered, Internet connectivity to web sites and two bonus samples of the scaffolding presentations and multimedia teaching. Comprehensive, understandable demonstrations in each chapter are visually detailed with the viewer's choice of English or Spanish narration. Use this resource to teach bilingual and monolingual students at the same competency level. Collaborators: Stephen Angley, California Polytechnic University; Lynn Mosher, L&L Landscape Services. 70 min, 5 sections, 5 printable resources and 9 Web resources.