Insect Metamorphosis & Structure
Insect Metamorphosis & Structure

Insect Metamorphosis & Structure

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Topics Include:
Identification Techniques
Metamorphosis & Many More!
and Many More!
The program focuses on the structure of insects: body, head, thorax, abdomen, leg and wing. Aspects of four types of metamorphosis (none, gradual, incomplete and complete) are shown, noting differences in the insect's size and form after each molt. Microscopic views of important mouthparts, antennae and wings help illustrate concepts. Specific insects are used to help illustrate identification of concepts and structures: exoskeleton (carpet beetle), metamorphosis (silverfish, grasshopper, dragonfly, butterfly), body (cockroach, flea, walkingstick, lady beetle), head (sphinx moth) and wing (green stink bug). A supplement is included.

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