How To Judge Western Riding
How To Judge Western Riding

How To Judge Western Riding

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Topics Include:
Judging Western Riding
Assessing Maneuver Scores for a Western Riding Pattern
Scoring a Western Riding Pattern
Assessing Penalty Points for a Western Riding Pattern
and Many More!
The western horse is a pleasure to ride- responsive to the rider and has excellent manners. Riders must showcase these qualities as they follow a precise pattern while the horse is evaluated for functional correctness, quality of movement, correctness of lead changes, accuracy of pattern, manners and attitude. An equine expert explains how to score the pattern based on AQHA rules and regulations. Horses illustrate desirable and undesirable pattern maneuvers. A practice class with official placing and critique, as well as maneuver scores for each run, is included. A supplement is included. Collaborators: John Pipkin, Ph.D., West Texas A&M University; Doug Householder, Ph.D., Texas Extension Service; Pete Gibbs, Ph.D., Texas Extension Service.

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