How To Judge Reining
How To Judge Reining

How To Judge Reining

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Topics Include:
Judging Reining
Assessing Maneuver Scores for a Reining Pattern
Scoring a Reining Pattern
Assessing Penalty Points for a Reining Pattern
and Many More!
The reining horse is judged on athletic ability and obedience. In addition, riders must follow rules concerning tack, equipment, pattern execution, handling of the horse and hand position. In the videotape, a winning coach discusses judging the reining class based on NRHA and AQHA rules and standards. He demonstrates scoring individual pattern components and faults and explains how to assess pattern accuracy, functional correctness and authority of performance. A practice class is included, followed by individual maneuver scoring of each horse's pattern and an overall class critique and placing. A supplement is included. Collaborators: John Pipkin, Ph.D., West Texas A&M University; Doug Householder, Ph.D., Texas Extension Service.