How To Judge Halter Horses
How To Judge Halter Horses

How To Judge Halter Horses

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Topics Include:
Judging Halter Horses
Evaluating Structure of Halter Horses
Evaluating Quality of Halter Horses
Evaluating Balance of Halter Horses
and Many More!
The presentation details all factors used to evaluate equine conformation: balance, structure, muscling, quality, breed character and tracking. A collegiate-level judging team coach explains each factor in detail utilizing horses in combination with video graphics to provide the clearest visual images possible. A practice class and critique follow his discussion. Excellent instructional help for student judges or for those planning to show their horse at halter or in conformation/suitability classes. A supplement is included. Collaborators: John Pipkin, Ph.D., West Texas A&M University; Doug Householder, Ph.D., Texas Extension Service.

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