Horticulture Plant ID: Foliage
Horticulture Plant ID: Foliage

Horticulture Plant ID: Foliage

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Topics Include:
Scientific Names
Identifying Characteristics
Environmental Enemies
Environmental Enemies
and Many More!
A wide variety of foliage plants are discussed, providing interest for the horticulture student and home-grower alike. Evaluations and close-up views of 22 foliage plants are surveyed as a horticulturist provides the scientific name, common name, identifying characteristics, propagation techniques, environmental enemies, specific culture and uses of the plant. Foliage plants shown include aglaonema, sprengeri fern, asparagus lace fern, parlor palm, spider plant, grape ivy, croton, coleus, jade plant, spotted dumbcane, corn plant dracaena, red edge dracaena, Devil's ivy, Benjamin fig, rubber plant, cutleaf philodendron, Swedish ivy, sanseveria, English ivy, heartleaf philodendron, Boston fern and wandering Jew. A supplement is included.

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