Horse Breeds ID II
Horse Breeds ID II

Horse Breeds ID II

Price: $99.00
Item Number: CEVD0142
Topics Include:
Breed Characteristics
Warmblood Breeds
Miniature Breeds
Breed Development
and Many More!
From a 2,600-pound Percheron to a miniature donkey, you will be amazed at the variety among equines. Explore the history, characteristics and development of warmbloods (i.e., Gelderlander, Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Trakehner), draft and coach horses (i.e., Belgian, Clydesdale, English Shire, Friesian, Percheron, Suffolk Punch, Hackney horse), horses less than 14.2 hands (American Shetland, Connemara, Fjord, Gotland, Haflinger, Pony of the Americas, Hackney pony, Icelandic, Miniature horse), donkeys and mules (i.e., Mammoth mule, Miniature donkey). The superb countryside and shots of the Kentucky Horse Park are added features you will enjoy in the video. A supplement is included.

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