Grass ID I
Grass ID I

Grass ID I

Price: $55.00
Item Number: CEVD0560
Topics Include:
Grass Identification
Common Names of Grasses
Grazing Value of Grasses
Grass Characteristics
and Many More!
Perfect for range and wildlife students, as well as FFA contestants, ranchers, agricultural extension agents and others who need to identify and know the grazing benefits of native grasses. Close-up views of 17 grasses are shown: annual threeawn, bermudagrass, big bluestem, blue gramma, broomsedge bluestem, buffalograss, curly mesquite, fall witchgrass, hairy gramma, hairy tridens, Indiangrass, Johnsongrass, little barley, little bluestem, perennial dropseed (includes meadow dropseed), perennial threeawn and purpletop. Characteristics, length of life, season of growth, origin, grazing value, reaction to abuse, and spelling and pronunciations of common and Latin names for each plant are provided. A supplement is included.

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