Grass ID II
Grass ID II

Grass ID II

Price: $55.00
Item Number: CEVD0561
Topics Include:
Grass Identificationgrass Characteristics
Grazing Value of Grasses
Common Names of Grasses
Latin Names of Grasses
and Many More!
The video was produced for FFA range and pasture contest participants, but its solid description and narration make it an excellent choice for anyone in agriculture. See close-up views of 17 additional species of grass. Grasses studied include red gramma, sand dropseed, sand lovegrass, scribner panicum, sideoats gramma, silver bluestem, splitbeard bluestem, switchgrass, Texas bluegrass, Texas gramma, Texas wintergrass, tumblegrass, vine mesquite, weeping lovegrass, western wheatgrass, wildrye, and windmillgrass. Length of life, season of growth, origin, grazing value and reaction to abuse are given for each plant. Correct spellings and pronunciations of common and Latin names are provided. A supplement is included.

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