Gooseneck Stock Trailer Construction
Gooseneck Stock Trailer Construction

Gooseneck Stock Trailer Construction

Price: $117.00
Item Number: CEV80870
Topics Include:
Hydraulic Pipe Bending
Construction Planning
and Many More!
This DVD illustrates the construction of a gooseneck trailer. Constructing a gooseneck stock trailer allows students to apply mathematical skills and to practice mechanics skills, such as welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, hydraulic pipe bending and the use of power tools. The DVD includes a general introduction, demonstrating how to calculate the length of pipe needed for bending bows, hydraulic pipe bending, fender frame construction and installation of floor supports, gooseneck uprights and bows. In addition, the DVD illustrates the installation of metal plank, side filler pipe, top X-brace, construction of the gooseneck, construction of the center and rear gates and lay out of the running gear hanger straps. The DVD also illustrates the installation of springs and hanger straps to the axles, cutting and installing gussets, hanging rear and center gates, hanging the gooseneck, constructing the front cage, installing the running gear under the trailer and installation of the drop foot jack and gooseneck coupler.

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