Forb ID
Forb ID

Forb ID

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Topics Include:
Forb Characteristics
Latin Names of Forbs
Environmental Effects on Forbs
Common Names of Forbs
and Many More!
Agriculture students and FFA contest participants will improve identification skills as 15 forbs are presented. Forbs shown include beebalm, black-eyed Susan, buffaloburr, common broomweed, compassplant, curlycup gumweed, dotted gayfeather, Engelmann daisy, halfshrub sundrop, ironweed, prairie coneflower, Western ragweed, sagewort, silverleaf nightshade and Texas croton. Length of life, season of growth, origin, grazing value and reaction to abuse, and correct spellings and pronunciations of common and Latin names for each plant are presented. A supplement is included.

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