Floral Design Basics: Techniques
Floral Design Basics: Techniques

Floral Design Basics: Techniques

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Topics Include:
Types of Flowers & Foliage
Evaluating Floral Arrangements
Wiring Methods
and Many More!
Demonstrating the proper techniques used in floral design is very important when creating an arrangement. This presentation takes a closer look at the proper floral design techniques. Jim Johnson, Endowed Chair and Distinguished Lecturer of the Benz School of Floral Design at Texas A&M University, examines the different types of flowers, mechanics and wiring methods, as well as how to create an arrangement. On screen, step-by-step instructions provide students a detailed look at various wiring methods and the process of creating an arrangement. The wiring methods included in the presentation are: straight wire method, piercing method, cross-piercing method, bracing method, wrap-around extension method, stitching method, hairpin method and the feathering method. Collaborator: Jim Johnson AAF AIFD TMF.

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