Field Trip: Lumber Production
Field Trip: Lumber Production

Field Trip: Lumber Production

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Item Number: CEVD0543
Topics Include:
Process of Lumber Production
Harvesting Logs
Equipment Used In Harvesting Logs
Processing of Lumber Into Plywood
and Many More!
The field trip takes you to Spurlock Logging in the forests of Woodville, Texas, where lumberjacks are clear-cutting trees destined to be turned into newspaper and other paper products. View the shearer, sawhand, skidder and loader harvest the logs and load them onto an 18-wheeler for transport. Follow as the truck pulls into Champion International Corporation's plywood and stud mill. Watch the logs as they are debarked, soaked, peeled and then cut into 2x4s, 4x4s and plywood. A supplement is included.

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