Field Trip: Hoover Dam
Field Trip: Hoover Dam

Field Trip: Hoover Dam

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Topics Include:
History of the Hoover Dam
Construction of the Hoover Dam
Production of Hydroelectric Power
Wildlife Management of Lake Mead
and Many More!
Built in the Great Depression, Hoover Dam is considered one of the seven engineering wonders of the world and stands as a monument to those who helped build it. This DVD not only walks you through the history, construction and hydroelectric power of the dam, but also allows you to better understand this portion of our history by providing insight about the men and their families involved in the construction. The unique aspects of the dam's artwork as well as Lake Mead National Recreation Area also are discussed. Students should walk away realizing the drastic impact Hoover Dam had on the United States during the 1930s and how it still impacts us today. Collaborators: Bill Bruninga, Facilities Manager; Daniel McRoberts, Tour Guide; Joel Richard, Mechanical Engineer; Dan Pellouchoud, Director of Engineering & Planning and Mike Boyles, Environmental Protection Specialist.

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