EXCEL Pork Plant: Fabrication
EXCEL Pork Plant: Fabrication

EXCEL Pork Plant: Fabrication

Price: $125.00
Item Number: CEVD0237
Topics Include:
Fabrication Techniques
Primal Cuts
Minor Cuts
Trimmings & By-Products
and Many More!
Watch as pork carcasses are fabricated into primal cuts (i.e., ham, loin Boston shoulder, picnic shoulder and belly) and minor cuts (i.e., jowl, neck bones, spare ribs, clear plate and fat back). Follow each primal cut to its next step in the clearly illustrated, efficient "disassembly" process. See how trimmings and by-products are turned into ground meat products, lard, cracklings, bone meal and other products. Additional highlights of the tour include Cry-o-vac shrink-wrapping, full-facility cleaning and sanitation and laboratory testing. A supplement is included.

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