EXCEL Beef Plant:  Slaughter
EXCEL Beef Plant: Slaughter

EXCEL Beef Plant: Slaughter

Price: $150.00
Item Number: CEVD0240
Topics Include:
Slaughter Process
and Many More!
The unique presentation takes you on a tour of one of the largest beef packing plants in the United States- EXCEL's Plainview, Texas, facility, which slaughters more than a million cattle each year. Exclusive footage takes students through cattle shipping and receiving and into the plant. At the slaughter floor and disassembly line, up to 275 head of cattle per hour are humanely and efficiently converted into meat under the keen eye of EXCEL Quality Control and USDA personnel and meat inspectors. You will see all parts of the slaughter process: stunning, bleeding, evisceration, processing of the head, treatment of by-products and other aspects of partial disassembly. A supplement is included. Collaborator: Ken Moloenhaver, Excel Beef Facility.

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