Communication Styles
Communication Styles

Communication Styles

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Topics Include:
Organizing Information
Applying Professional Situations
Interpreting Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications
Examining Impacts of Communication on Society
and Many More!
This presentation describes the importance of communication and how organizing information plays a crucial role in effective communication. This presentation addresses the various communication styles and provides examples of each. The four primary communication styles include: assertive, aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive communication. Students will learn the entire communication process. This includes each of the components of the Shannon-Weaver Model. The listening process and each of its parts, hearing, focusing, understanding and remembering, are explored. The various types of non-verbal communication are reviewed. Finally, professional communication and the impact of communication on society are examined. These include techniques such as: propaganda, bandwagon, glittering generalities and the —“either/or—_ fallacy.

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