Building Construction: Fundamentals
Building Construction: Fundamentals

Building Construction: Fundamentals

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Topics Include:
Tool Safety
Ceiling Joists & Rafters
Foundations & Flooring
and Many More!
Dr. Billy Harrell explains the steps for laying a foundation and subsequent flooring for a sixteen foot by ten foot portable building with demonstrations on how to lay floor joists, square a foundation and lay flooring. Students will view procedures on how to construct the framework and interior wall partitioning for a sixteen by ten wood storage building. This includes how to layout plates, make corners and tees, construct wall units, partitions, window and door units and headers. Step-by-step instructions are provided for cutting ceiling joists and rafters with demonstrations on proper techniques for some of the more exacting procedures (—“lipping—_ a joist, cutting a —“birdsmouth,—_ marking a ridgeboard and assembling the rafters) necessary for beginning builders. During completion of the sixteen foot by ten foot portable building, you will learn proper techniques for laying a roof with discussions and demonstrations of the following roof construction steps: laying the roof deck, attaching metal flashing along the edges, rolling out and laying the roofing felt, marking the felt to prepare it for the shingles, cutting and nailing and composition shingles in an effective method and pattern.

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