Beef Slaughter & Dressing
Beef Slaughter & Dressing

Beef Slaughter & Dressing

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Item Number: CEVD0281
Topics Include:
Harvesting Beef
Postmortem Inspection
Safety & Sanitation of Harvesting Cattle
Antemortem Inspection
and Many More!
The presentation guides you through the slaughter procedure. First, tools and equipment used in the process are identified. A USDA meat inspector discusses antemortem and postmortem inspection, including inspection of the head, viscera and carcass. Then, the slaughter of a steer is shown from stunning, sticking, skinning, and evisceration of beef cattle via the cradle method. Safety and sanitation are strongly emphasized throughout the tape. The principal collaborator is meat scientist G.W. Davis, Ph.D. A supplement is included.

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