Beef Grading: Yield
Beef Grading: Yield

Beef Grading: Yield

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Topics Include:
Beef Grading
Calculating the Preliminary Yield Grade (PYG)
Calculating Hot Carcass Weight (HCW)
Calculating Yield Grades
and Many More!
Watch and listen as the coach of numerous champion meat-judging teams explains the principles used in yield grading beef carcasses. Concepts of PYG, REA, KPH and all HCW relationships are thoroughly illustrated. Dr. Mark Miller utilizes teaching aids and proven instructional techniques to help develop a clear understanding of how to calculate final yield grades. Examples of yield grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 carcasses are represented. Additionally, one practice class of 10 carcasses is included. A supplement is included. Collaborator: Mark Miller, Ph.D., Texas Tech University.