Arthropod Identification
Arthropod Identification

Arthropod Identification

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Topics Include:
Unique Characteristics
Class & Order
and Many More!
Students learn identification characteristics for ticks, mites, spiders, and scorpions. The featured expert illustrates members of five classes and eight orders to help viewers identify such familiar arthropods as the Brown recluse spider, black widows, Lone Star tick, scorpions, daddy-longlegs and pillbugs. Size, color and unique characteristics (mouthparts, antennae, legs and body parts) are provided. A 5-question pre-test and a 25-question final quiz are included on the video. Specific arthropods shown include: Lone star tick, fowl tick, spider mite, black widow, brown recluse, crab spider, black and yellow argiope, wolf spider, jumping spider, scorpion, whip scorpion, wind scorpion, sun scorpion, sunspider, harvestmen, daddy-longlegs, pseudoscorpion, pillbug, sowbug, millipede and centipede. A supplement is included.

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